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My Favorite Healthy Non-Toxic Products

You're cleaning up your diet and eating better, but what about your personal care products and makeup?

Have you looked up the personal care products you’re using on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database? I bet you’ll be surprised to learn what’s in them and how they harm your health! From endocrine hormone disruptors to heavy metals, and scientific links to cancer you’ll find it all in the products most people use day in and day out.

Plus, some of the most popular skincare products on the market have been shown to CAUSE wrinkles and damage your skin. What?!!

The FDA does a TERRIBLE job of monitoring the toxicity in our hygiene products. Even though our skin is our largest organ and 70% of the chemicals we put on it are absorbed into our blood stream within 26 seconds. The EU has banned 1400 chemicals from hygiene products. The US? 11.
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Think about that for a second. Think about your loved ones health.

Six years ago I switched over most of my hygiene products to organic lines. At the time, the only products I was aware of were the drug store brands that I’d come to love – full of toxins – or very natural brands that didn't work very well. But, considering the lengths I went to live a healthy lifestyle for the sake of my health (including autoimmune diseases which are linked to environmental triggers) I was willing to make the sacrifice of lovely scents and textures to save my health. I did see improvements in my skin, but I also was still using a few brands of toxic beauty products because I just couldn’t find anything to replicate them that was more natural.

When I heard about Beautycounter I couldn’t believe that something could genuinely feel like something I could buy at Sephora but be made with non-toxic, real ingredients that wouldn’t cause my body harm.

I was elated and excited to try them out! Now, after using BeautyCounter for over two years, I feel it's time to share this secret with you and share my simple beauty routine.

                                                   My favorite skin care- sans chemicals!BeautycounterPlusStay tuned for product giveaways! Special discounts and learning how to use these amazing products!

Did you know that essential oils were the first medicines used? Plant extracts contain powerful medicinal constituents that can resolve many issues and even uplift your mood. These oils have replaced over-the-counter (and dangerous) medicines in our home. Learn more today!

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