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Reboot Your Health Wellness Retreat

Spring Detox Retreat

Saturday, April 28, 2018

10:00am - 3:00pm

Unlock Better Health Studio

Near Gainesville, VA

Are you tired of being tired? Know what to do but can't seem to do it?
What about your weight - is it where you want it right now? 
If you have a lack of energy, brain fog or are suffering from a chronic disease or condition, I guarantee
you that toxin accumulation is contributing to the problem.
Every day, you are bombarded with toxins from the air, food, and water. You'll learn how environmental toxins impact your hormones. You need to support your
detox organs consistently to stay ahead of the curve. I'll show you how.

This amazing retreat will give you the tools to boost your energy, shed the pounds that weigh you down and will empower you to reach your health & wellness goals!

Join Holistic Nutritionist Cindy Santa Ana for:

     -Healing Nutrition Workshops on safely detoxing from sugar, stress, negative thoughts, environmental toxins and more
     -Cooking Demos with Nourishing Foods
     -Mindset Work to Empower You To Succeed
Special Guest, Hemali Vora, will lead us through a guided meditation and help us to live mindfully and let go of our toxic thoughts.
     Real Life Meditation for non-meditators and Reiki Energy Work
Hemali Vora

Give yourself this day of self-care that will prepare you in body, mind, and spirit for your most empowered, joyful, healthy year yet! Participants will receive gifts, samples and fun things to try.

This is a day about YOU! A day of Self-Care!

When you make a conscious effort to practice self-care you are making a conscious effort to love yourself and work towards personal growth and happiness! Having confidence in your own worth and abilities can often be difficult, especially when we open the door to self-doubt and endless worry.

What’s included:

1/2 day at the peaceful Unlock Better Health studios (located in a private home)

Organic lunch, snacks, green juice, & drinks*
Goodie bags full of organic herbal teas, supplements and samples from Wild Planet

Workshops Topics include:

*How to safely detox from sugar and environmental toxins
*Healing Your Immune System with Culinary Nutrition for Optimal Health
*Green Juicing Demo - What goes in them and why?
*Reclaim Your Power Over Cravings so they can’t control or sabotage you
*Stress Management Techniques
* Beginner's Meditation and Reiki Energy Session

*For those who have food sensitivities, you can be assured that the food will be free from gluten, dairy, soy, corn and peanuts. Lunch will include vegetarian and meat options. I will do my best to accommodate those with food allergies and sensitivities. Please provide me with your allergies when you register so I can make sure to have food set aside for you.

Menu for the day: Cell Rejuvenator Green Juice, herbal teas, Thai Mango Chicken Salad, Zucchini Zoodle Pasta with Pesto, Sweet Potato Salad and delicious, guilt-free brownies.

Filtered Water and nourishing organic herbal teas are available throughout the day.

Your retreat is hosted by Holistic Nutritionist, Cindy Santa Ana

Register today, space is limited to 12 women! SOLD OUT - Join the waitlist. Cost is $140 per person. To put your name on the wait list (in case a spot opens up), please email me at unlockbetterhealth @ gmail.com


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